The LOUDEST STRAIGHT PIPED Ferrari F12 to ever hit the streets of London!

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Supercars on the streets – Only recently this Arab Ferrari F12 arrived in London, it is extremely loud and I got the chance to hear it in action quite a few times, though this one was worth it’s own video!

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Sounds sweet and nice car, but the drivers driving skills suck. Almost ran into the van and the bus at high rev. Will go thru manys sets of brakes too and front bumpers after smacking into other vehicles. Would love to race this boy in my Z06 and put him in his place. Autobahn Germany driver for 4 years, 16 years driving Autostrada Italy…no speed limits.

  2. Thank the Arabs, same time….No wonder why London looks so rich. These Arab people knows how to keep the city alive and live like a boss….with that of course we will see butt hurt jealous people too! Oh the Arabs ☺️! Be proud! Thank you for paying tons of taxes to the government that the ordinary cannot do…Your tax money is the nation’s salary!

  3. Sti stronzi col ferrari possono girare in queste condizioni quando in Italia se fai un cazzo di scarichetto alla tua sportiva perché ti va di farlo non puoi perché? Perché abiti… In Italia

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