Unboxing the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition

We got our hands on the $200 Black Ops 4 Mystery box Edition. Here’s what’s inside! Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – How to Unlock Pack-a-Punch in Voyage of …


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  1. Bruh wtf 200 dollar for this ? A puzzle game? Talk about downgrade. Remember the RC car , night vision goggles ect ? Those were the days. Activision made a lot of money with microtransactions and they didn't even bother to give us something cooler.

  2. You big dummy, you’re forgetting that the season pass is included it; I received my Mystery Box Edition today an it came with a Season Pass… LMAO I think you need to knock off $99.99 at least off of that $199.99…., $140 Lmao more like $100 extra. Where the h*** does IGN get these people.

  3. i kind of feel remembered to the movie 'idiocracy' when i see this box and its contents and when i try to figure out what the desicion were which led to this box.

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