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  1. Fantastic video once again Steve, simply amazing how the dates align 80% of the way into two separate patterns. These lessons learnt from your videos coupled with the knowledge gained through your courses are teaching me how to be a better trader each and every day. Enjoy your trip to South America with your Fiance and dog. Many thanks your a legend

  2. hi Steve, just wondering, if i take your beginner class, am i able get signals for trading? therefore i can earning some money to buy the following classes, thanks.

  3. Just A totally honest man !
    My Son and I are looking forward to your course we bought today we procrastinated far to long but looking forward to the future !

    10 stars ⭐️ Guaranteed I feel it

  4. Hi Steve. Great content. Thank you. Saving for the classes but until i can purchase, how do i follow bitcoin with interactive charts if i dont have trading accounts. Are there free charts that i can use.

  5. It's not "crypto" anymore, it's Bitcoin and a bunch of money black hole temporary coins, like Eth. Seriously, they could delist all coins other than btc and the world would not even notice it, other than people having more money. People don't need to get btc so they can trade alts with it anymore, because nobody wants the alts. So where would a big demand for btc come from? I see it Rising High in December. I was able to increase my 5btc to 35Btc in the space of 1month with the help of Charles Garry who is a Pro Trader and has been helping Novice crypto investors showing them ways to trade their Bitcoin, he is down to earth and always ready to serve, tho He charged me after I made profits, but it was worth it. Y'all can reach out to him through His Telegramm +1(631)620-6929, HANGOUTS/Mail (charlesgarry95 @gmail. com)

  6. Hybrid trading strategy. I like it. Take all my money dude. strategy strategy buy buy buy right now. Did I learn anything else in the vid hummmmm oh yeh watch out for fireworks. I will do bonfire night coming up.

  7. the best investments i ever made was life insurance on my first 3 wives. if not for them i couldnt lose money with your classes and NOT CARE….it was TAX FREE MONEY too.

  8. Hey, I enjoy your vids, but you keep portraying that if people take your classes that they are going to become perfect traders. They are buying right at the bottom, and selling right at the top. From what I know, this is a very hard thing to do. Why don't you show us the proof, FACTS. Your basically saying that you have a perfect trading strategy, but it's easier to look back in history and say you could have bought here, and sold here.

  9. Steve great video again but on the subject of Altcoins. Lovely to see those big% gains however one has to have a good indication that they are going up like that on a coin not too many may follow so how do you get that edge??

  10. I have been begging for some opinions expression on skycoin , they have litterally rewritten the internet , ran off in house hardware that is going to take the trillion dollar privacy issue obsulete , or should I say obelisk , their insane privacy , slash variance of freee internet search woithout companies like google , who will saccrafice freedom for profit , they are leaving out searches such as freedom of speach and also human rights in order to enter china , thats pathetic , not on china on the company GOOGLE sacrafficing humans basic right to accurate information , SKYCOIN solves this by allowing anywhere to be untracked and bounced from skyminer to skyminer and scrambled and encrypted , their is a new world currency coming , I EXPECT SOMETHING HUGE TOMORROW or in November , ICX is almost an opposite of skycoin as being a self evolving hidden gem that can link all chains , and have self evolving ecosystems , YOU ROCK , check out sky kmd and icx

  11. I appreciate the videos you make and your ability to boil down topics into their simplest forms.

    Putting your ability to make good videos aside, if your trading is so great and profitable then why do you need to charge thousands of dollars from regular people to buy your classes? If your passion is teaching others, why charge thousands when you can charge a couple hundred like many other classes and reach many many more people?

    Also, is there any data from your strategy from a backtest? How profitable was it over the past few months? Hearing success stories from one or two big trades people make doesn’t really prove anything whatsoever about the system as that could easily be by chance and I’m sure occurs in any system from time to time.

    Thanks, keep the great vids coming!

  12. Hi Steve, my downtrend triangle for BTC end at Nov 6th. So from yesterday and right at this momment BTC is traying to rise over the downtrend line. I also want to ask you about the fact that some altcoins like XLM (Sept) ends decending triangle and rise up or XMR(Aug), XRP(Sept) ends simetric triangles and rise up too. Welcome to South America.

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