CROWBCAT – Virtual reality games are not so great

Mirror of Crowbcat’s video with its ORIGINAL title. Crowbcat insists on deleting and renaming his own amazing content, but I will not let this beautiful gem …


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  1. Yeah all of these look like garbage but remember that everything sucks at first. This is a really new field, give it time and don't expect it to be instantly incredible. Give it time

  2. The reason why crowbat delete this one is because vr games improve a lot after this, so the whole video was pointless, just for example fallout 4 vr. Once you play it you never want to play a gsme in a normal screen again

  3. It's funny looking back on this video now, considering how his Pavlov video highlights how great VR is when not playing shovelware shlock.

    Crowbcat's opinion has clearly changed.

  4. I have an HTC vive, and this video is largely accurate. The one thing I disagreed with is the complaint with the fantasy RPG game "Vanishing Realms", the nitpick was like "I'm disappointed I can't set all random objects on fire", which is trying really hard to find a non-existent problem with an otherwise impressive game (that was developed by one person). In general, I keep feeling like there's some infuriatingly simple VR-only mechanic that devs are missing and that if it were figured out VR would become a super popular and addictive medium overnight.

  5. i never liked crowbcat. he seems to always focus on the negative side of gaming, which is okay, but sometimes he over glorifies how bad things are when really it's not as extreme as he says. for example the defective switch video was made to seem like all switches were gonna fail when in reality it was a very small percentage. it's just not my style, and if you like his content than that's okay and i won't judge you at all.

  6. these guys have expectations that are too high. this tech is brand new, ofcourse the first few games suck. Look at that very first video game back in the seventies, the tennis one, compared to The Last of Us. Come on….

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