Democrats Chime in On Crypto… And Get REKT!

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Warren at the Senate Banking Committee

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


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  1. WOW!, Kid, you impressed me, well done, and your parents should be very proud of you as I, see problem is, not many Calls. sends email, or even contacts their Congress person and Senators, hence this BS story of Houdini whatever his name is and or that IGNORANT Warren.. what a shame our Great Nation is run by IGNORANCE.. This video should be a HISTORICAL EVEN, everything you said is 100% Correct.

  2. People are being scammed by bad decisions made by themselves. Neither democrats nor republicans can keep people from making poor investment choices. I would rather take ownership of my own choices, both good and bad ones.

  3. ??Best Script info about any coin, tell me the name from coin and the chart hour . and I send u the Picture from the chart
    Msg Telegram ( @Kia58670 )
    not a scam – Cost u Nothing to try it ??

  4. and all Republicans are white racists?
    no, they arent…this fuckin dude lol
    He just stereotyped an entire political party…like i just did…now we both look like dumb fucks.

    Warren is dumb as fuck especially on this.. but get your weak ass political bullshit out of here dude….haha…fuckin ass clown!

  5. Your a genius and Iove you sytle & clarity! ?
    Enough of that! . . . You millenials just blow me away!!! You all seem to know intuitively what it's taken me 25yrs. Geuss it's a tourtise and hare story. What reaĺly makes my heart sing is we'll all get too the same state of conciousness and make deceit redundant…. It appears the teachings of auld are true , 'knowledge from past lives comes through as an Intuitive Wisdom.'
    Love ?

  6. The left vs right dichotomy is designed to act as a means of dividing people by making them subjectively interpret something and then fight about which of those subjective interpretations is right,it is designed to make you think irrationally and ignore or Overlook the objective reality of a topic.

    And the objective reality about the right and left is that both sides are political parties that use government via politics to force their beliefs and ideals on the population, making them politicians which naturally means they will expand the state because it is in their own interest.

    More taxation means more pay for politician.

    If the Republican party does not help the people,and the Democratic party does not help people,then why would a third-party Help the People?

    Do not buy into the false dichotomy.

    The only true dichotomy is individualism vs collectivism.

  7. Warren is a liar, she said she is indian to have indian vote. Now said crypto is easy to be stealed to have crypto controlled by government ( i.e. her)

  8. Remember, the INDOCTRINATED youth, most minorities, feminazis, fagggy, lezzies & transtesticles will vote left- even if their lives improve dramatically.


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