IGN Reviews – Voltron: Defender of the Universe Game Review

IGN gives its video review on the new arcade style game Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Is this an intergalactic blockbuster or waste of space? Get more …


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  1. I bet you are just hating for hating because:
    a) this game is bullshit, and if you are defending it, is either because you just like to hate ign or just because you love to give Cod free advertisment
    b)ign never gave any cod a 10.

  2. @natoman123 They don't even get high ratings anymore people like you just say that on games with lower ratings than COD or WOW. Wow is orginal and mw3 tried to so shut up and stop being a Fanboy that hates COD Cuase your always on these videos.

  3. @natoman123 If they love call of duty than surely they'd prefer if it to stick to it's first person shooter roots. I bet them and all other fans would be royally pissed if it changed to a crappy twin stick shooter with absoultetly no relevence to the current series. IGN isn't biased…. IGN isn't biased… IGN isn't biased… IGN isn't biased

  4. @TheHephaestus16
    you sound like a little fan boy bitch. I hate cod and wow. I'm so tired of games like those, and how obnoxious the high ratings for those games get and they are not even original or intersting. It's just my prefrence and it was a joke. get over it.

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