The Arab MILLION DOLLAR Supercars are starting to arrive in London!

Supercars on the streets – It is starting to kickoff here in London, more and more Arab supercars are making their way down here including an insane Gemballa Mirage GT, Aston Martin Lagonda, two Porsche 918 Spyders and many more.
Can’t wait to see more of them arrive!

Enjoy the video!

Gemballa Mirage GT, Porsche 918 Spyder, Lamborghini Urus, Aventador S Roadster, SV, Mclaren 720S, Mansory 720s, …

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  1. What can they do with out OIL?
    Can they earn money with out OIL?
    What industries do they have with out OIL?They can only behave rich man withOIL.that's it.

  2. Damn, I wish I could join the supercars community. Too bad I'm too broke, they all seem like good people with a common hobby.

  3. I love these supercars, have been a life long fan..but when I see the antics of many of the people who own them, in tight inner city streets like this, they just scream 'low class' 'wanker' 'and idiot' . The phrase, money does not buy you class also comes to mind. That said, not everyone was behaving like an idiot so that balances things out thankfully.

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