The Arab Supercars Invasion in London September 2018

Supercars on the streets – As you can see London is still swamped by amazing Arab supercars, with again the Zonda Riviera which is just amazing!

Enjoy the video!

Pagani Zonda 760 Riviera, Bugatti Veyron, Chiron, Porsche 918 Spyder

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About the Author: Supercars on the streets


  1. The UK general public are persecuted constantly of wasting energy etc. These dimwits fly in their expensive cars into the UK annually without any thought or concern for carbon footprints left by the aeroplanes that bring them in. Now who's being wasteful there?

    Truth be told, the Government doesn't give a fuck as long as our Arab friends along with the Chinese and Russians keep pouring money into London.

  2. They’re driving within the laws of the land and by my opinion, with respect to other road users. They’re welcome in my country at any time.

  3. That's because they don't pay tax, if the police can't even go into a no go zone then how the hell can two tax officer's with briefcases go in.

  4. If we didn’t give them the black gold back in the day when WE found it these cunts wouldn’t be here and so wouldn’t most of the problems we have in the U.K. as funded by these wankers , apart from that nice cars ?

  5. Its not the money in your bank account or the expensive car you drive that make you a man its your personality. Good luck spending millions on supercars and then get stuck in London traffic jams, and no Im not jealous I have the rocks to buy a supercars myself but I'd rather spend it on people who are actually in need of help. Gulf countries have the money but their contribution to global society is almost zero.

  6. That’s what paying the Arabs 10 euro a litre of petrol will buy.

    But England is happy to pay such a premium so that the Arabs can have their supercars.

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