Hey everyone for this review I take on Hunter Call of the Wild for the Playstation 4. Its also out on PC and Xbox One. This is a hunting simulator and the best one I …


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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching the game has even more details then I covered like scent blocking, rare animals to hunt and a lot of other factors that go into hunting each animal. Most hunting simulator fans already love this game and I totally get why. The only issues with this version are some of the glitches, slow down, and I do wish there were more fast travel locations. However if you have been looking for a hunting game thats worth your time look no farther.

  2. This Game is a 10 not a 7. It's challenging and rewarding and fun at the same time. The graphics and atmosphere are absolutely breathtaking at times and the A.I of the animals is amazingly realistic. This isn't a game for COD kids with ADHD or fat fucks with cheetoo laced finger tips like this reviewer. This is perfection and a masterpiece to gaming. If you like a challenge and are into hunting this is it

  3. My dad said this game would be called God level if you can load all animal you have killed to the truck and sell them all once you return to the city. My dad also said we should be able to build a camp and make fire before night coming..

  4. the only time you aim for the head is on small game animals. such as a squirrel because the bones are fragile and is a small target. you don't want to hit a the body where all the meat is. On bigger game such as deer. you aim for the vitals such as the lungs or heart. to avoid ripping meat and you don't aim for the head for one you risk damaging your trophy antlers and or you have a very slight chance of hitting the brain and could only injure the animal and it die later and risk ruining the meat. On most big game however the animals skulls are very very tough. so good luck reaching the brain through those with a bullet.

  5. I used to play so many Cabelas hunting games on my PS2. I waited so long did a good hunting simulator on console. The game is really difficult at first and doesn't hold your hand at all, but it's so fun when you learn how to play it.

  6. So are the animals you hunt randomized? Like you'll see a buck then a doe? And can you hunt different types of game like elk then go to deer or moose?

  7. Game is garbage. Barely find any animals and animals make bizzare sounds and run very unrealistically. The deer look strangely hunched like these animals are like from some other planet or something. I have never seen an animal in real life run with supersonic speed like the animals in this game. It's almost sci-fi like. Not a realistic hunting experience. Deer hunter reloaded is a more realistic hunting game compared to this.

  8. i fail to see the appeal of this game…. you just shoot animals… hunting as a hobby is so stupid, it's even dumber to make a game about it

  9. A head shot wont always kill a deer bud they got a small brain and you could ruin the antlers if its a buck thats why i think people who dont hunt should not review hunting games because alot of the time they got no idea what there talkin about

  10. the one thing I think needs to be changed the the price of the equipment, in my opinion I think they are to expensive for the time it takes to make credits. if the prices was like, half that would be nice. I also think they need to make the rifles very on range so far all but two of the rifles have the exact same effective range, and I know for sure the .223 can shoot further than 164 yards. lastly the game needs alot more weapons and equipment to choose from. all in my opinion.

  11. one thing bout hunting is they should include…animals tht might hurt u like snake…wild boars… seems less challenging in that sense…and maybe more variety of weapons…night hunting….camping mode….and various regions…

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