TOP 10 Best Smartphones 2018 ! (4K @960fps, 6/8 GB RAM )

Download Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software: Here is the TOP 10 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2018 ! .All smartphone have good …


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  1. WoW, nice phones. Would like to have one, but i don't like to spent my money on something that's losing all it's value next year. Will be waiting for Blackberry Key 2 to drop price a little 😀

  2. Sony xz2 has more value. And it is a unique phone compare to Samsung . HTC is good too , but I feel it lacks of features in recent year. I got my xz2 for 500 USD, and I feel it is the most underrated phone in 2018.

  3. Which one should I get ?
    I have an iPhone 6s but would like to change for Android.. either Huawei P20 (I think the pro is too big for me..), Pixel 2 or Samsung S9 ? Any advices/opinion ?

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