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  1. In order to make an exciting ride, you need to understand exactly what it is that makes a coaster exciting in the first place. The game didn't "punish you for going big", you simply made a coaster that either moved too slowly or didn't have much airtime.

  2. cute how he deliberately ignored the camera angles so no low fps cant be seen….i agree this is an awesome game but performance sacrifice for extra realism is not my cup of a tree because i am poor -_-

  3. If you don't understand why that coaster had a low excitement rating, you've literally never played any of the RCT's. The whole point of a theme park SIMULATOR is to SIMULATE real life parks, or as close to it as possible. If your coaster is unrealistic, and could literally kill someone in real life, the game is going to reflect that. Here's a thought: if you want to design the insane and unrealistic coasters, go right ahead, but accept the fact they're going to exclusively be for your shits and giggles. That's how RCT has always been. If you want your coasters to have great stats, build something more feasible.

    I've played A LOT of RCT in my life, and the part that always left me feeling empty was the tile system for coasters. I like building realistic coasters; ones that I could see existing at a theme park. The tile system made coasters feel handicapped. I'm glad to see they've added the system to where you can basically build whatever the hell you want, so that the coasters can look that much more real.

  4. I'd assume your low excitement ratings are because your Fear and Nausea values are too high, so nobody is excited for it. Get them out of the red.

  5. "Most bigger coasters have less then a 1 excitement level" As he builds the crappiest coaster with a turn with almost a 15g lateral turn. Yea not exciting when your dead.

  6. Your exitement rate is related to how much creativity you put in the decoriation of the ride, as well as the way you build it by itself. Just a ride in the middle of nowhere is not going to get you a hing rating. And i can tell you that without ever playing the game 😛

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