The Bitcoin (BTC) Price is Crashing — HERE’S WHY?! [Cryptocurrency News]

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Dow Jones Drops 800 Points, Bitcoin Falls 10% in Brutal Day for Markets

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  2. you're not early. you're late. bitcoin is 10 years old. it's a has-been. there are more efficient alternatives out there now that can handle more transactions at a lower cost. besides, the banks are going to come out with their own blockchain backed cryptos. put a fork in it…it's done. $19k was the high.

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  4. "CRYPTO AS A CURRENCY" will be limited to only a few chains.

    BLOCKCHAIN Technology will change our future. ( But it has been around for 20+ years.) GO TAKE A PEAK AT HOW THE INTERNET WORKS…SERIOUSLY WATCH A 5 MINUTE VIDEO AND COME BACK.

    ETHEREUM is promising as a technology, but Ethereum Classic works almost identically.

    Cryptocurrencies share one thing in common. THEY CAN ALL BE TRADED FOR BITCOIN.(if not stay away)

    Hence the comparison of Bitcoin to gold.

    Bitcoin cash, litecoin, and dogecoin are all liquid assets.

    They have different fees in order to offer different levels of security and legality for transactions.

    Buy a house with Bitcoin and maybe one day the legal fees/title search, doc stamps and other bs charges will be unnecessary as well as many other benefits. Bitcoin is meant to be a slow moving asset that provides a stable backbone to the market.

    Bitcoin cash is more liquid yet has the properly incentivized security level for less expensive transactions that still need to have a decent legal trail (paying bills or mortgages? )

    Litecoin is everyday assets think of this as your day to day spending. Lower fees and meant to be liquid meaning you only trade Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin for it when you plan on spending it (like that day)

    Dogecoin is a microtransaction asset. Stream a song or watch a movie for 1/100000th of a penny per second. Subscription based micro payments are ideal here. (Think of an internet provider that follows this model, pay the sites that you visit a few cents per hour spent on them.)

    Ultimately any other currency oriented crypto will compete for one of these (or a few unforseen) use cases the rest become closed systems (think of a premium service) but BLOCKCHAIN requires it's source code to be open sourced meaning you can essentially fork the code and with enough support (maybe a city or a state?) People could essentially leave the others if a disagreement arises.

    You can use test bets on ethereum to do anything you can use ethereum for, only it's free.

    Do you think that people will pay for apps on the Main net when they could use them for free on the test net?

    Main net will be for secure networks. Think of it as an encrypted sattelite connection or a network where important information is stored and backed up (like let's say where Netflix stores the info of it's current customers, by simply having a customer send a Netflix token o. The Ethereum Main net. Like having a person pay with Visa or MasterCard.

    The stock market has stolen billions from the economy. When 90% of stocks are bought/owned/controlled by a small number of people/hedge funds/asset management companies/ etc price manipulation and market prediction gets to be a lot easier.

    Where all of this will end up is something people should be more focused on. Just remember that all crypto currency is essentially open source technology. In order to use it a person has to have the source code in order to participate in the peer to peer network and faith/trust is all that prevents anyone from cloning or forking it and using their own version.

    BLOCKCHAIN creates instant trustless trust. Meaning that I don't have to trust anyone and I can still interact with them or barter with them.

    Since this is so long I'm gonna leave it at that, but really guys look into the technology that you are talking about.

    SWIFT is what all banks use to transact money electronically it has been getting hacked for years (billions in stolen money) and bitcoin or something very similar is more than likely the best possible solution to that problem. SWIFT was also forced to give up a lot of it's client information by governments which they didn't like very much.

  5. Hi, I'm new to Crypto & while I was recently on vacation with some friends, we met with this family by coincidence "". The man Diddy, gave us a very good explanation & told us that this is the right moment to invest in Bitcoin. We all got convinced & we bought one Bitcoin each as a long term investment, as we are not really interested in day trading. I purchased my Bitcoin through my Revolut account as the app is very user firendly & easy to use. Was that the right thing to do? I was also planning on either purchasing another two Bitcoins or to purchase just one instead & invest the the remaining €6K split between Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin & BitcoinCash, which are the most popular. I'm still doing alot of research regarding Crypto & I'm not sure if my way of thinking is good, So any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. ETH is NOT going to stay down, its going to make a good comeback. It's too well known and too much part of the crypto world. Loads of big companies have their money in it. i sold a lot of my alts and stuck it on ETH the other day. All the little tokens i had were just cluttering up my profile and had done nothing in years, and im not in it for years.

  7. Always prepare to do the opposite to what mainstream media are saying, if they're saying BTC is dead then you can be sure a large rally is incoming and the time is to buy. When it pumps over xmas, the media will be covering it, advertising the massive gains and the price. It is then that you will know that its time to sell,

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  9. that's not what is happening, I guess..
    Someone with a really high amount of BTC is selling for months. The market wants to grow but someone is selling and trying to not crash it below 6 thousand. When this person/persons stop selling,bitcoin is going to grow again.

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  12. BITCOIN MINING investment
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