Top 7 Best BUDGET Smartphones 2018!

Top 7 Best BUDGET Smartphones 2018! No Unboxing or first impressions hands on! This video is my quick full review of some of the best / top, new / latest, …


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  1. Oneplus does not carry Verizon cdma. What is a comparable phone that does? Also stock android with the new pie if at all possible.

  2. In my opinion the Iphone SE is the probably the best if you're on a budget. The price ranges from $120 to $200. Not all that bad, it can run 4k on camera and has a fast processing speed. The only problem is that the screen is kind of small.

  3. Great video!! It’s fact that low prices never equals premium long lasting products no matter what way you look at it. The likes of Apple & Samsung would never charge crazy prices if their products didn’t last long

  4. Nice list compilation, there are some serious contenders for a phone without breaking the bank. One tip; that creamy out of focus effect by the name of "Bokeh" is a phonetic Japanese word, i.e. written as it is pronounced in Japanese, so if you want to nail it listen to the Japanese man in the video (it's not "bowka"):
    PS: I like the fact you kept the "tongue tripper" in the middle there, makes for a human touch.

  5. WHAT is BEST phone Out of These 2018? Only I can choose from these to upgrade to so anyone can tell me the best one ?

    I will mainly be gaming and youtube but the most important for me is SPEED and camera. Beacuse i take alot of photos on my phone also i dont want my phone to slow down fast like my other android slows down in 1 year for nothign 😛 ?


    Honor 10
    Iphone X
    Mate 10 Pro

    or keep my iphone 7 plus

  6. You talked really very fast some of the viewers can't understand it, besides you stammer for quite some time. Can you please talk a bit slower next time? It will be greatly appreciated if you do. Thanks!

  7. I'm just looking for a cheap no frills smartphone that isn't the size of a slab of beef. Small, compact, slim…don't really care about gaming, social media, music or camera but it seems they don't exist or at least I can't find one? 4 inch – 4.5 inch would be ideal, anyone have any ideas?

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