Top VR Motion Capture Devices Virtual Reality For Hands

Top VR Motion Capture Devices For Your Hands. Here are what feel are the top virtual reality hand motion capture devices as of Sept 2016. Links below.


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  1. Sixense looks like if they were to make an Collecovision today. Also if I were going top pay $1,000, I'd wanna be able to use my fingers the way I use em now.

    Dexmo seems really cool. I like that it gives a force feedback for when you touch objects, but it has a lot of moving parts. I'd be willing to pay $300 for it if it came with a warranty.

    For the time being, if I were to choose, it would be Leap Motion. I like that it doesn't use fragile moving parts. Hand tracking seems to be accurate. Big plus is that it wont weigh down your hands. So not having to actually hold anything is a bonus. I also like the price. Lack of moving parts bring that price down I bet.

  2. I'd love to have VR Suit for shooters, that vibrates in a place where you got hit. You would steer the game via standard controller or mouse and keyboard, yet you would feel immersed by feeling the hits.

  3. Glove One.. Hands Down winner. Maybe they can make it more complete like Suit One. What is lacking now is the force feedback.
    They should also make a Dick One… you know….

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