Tron MEGA Announcement (lols) | Nouriel Roubini Loves Crypto?

Welcome to the first edition of Champagne Sunday… and it may be the last. Just trying it out. Anyway… Tron pulls another Tron and announces an announcement, Bitcoin is the new stablecoin, and Nouriel Roubini loves crypto so much…

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  1. Justin Sun is still a dream boat. One of his announcements will be the best announcement of all upcoming announcements.
    Sounds rather confusing , but he will announce about it for sure.

  2. Ya know Danny, Justin Sun has been yanking our chains for a long time now. I can't see anything, either in the financials or the fundimentals, that would cause any "large" company to choose Tron over any other top 25 cryptos. What am I missing. Cheers guy !

  3. good content per usual! I am joining you in my own way with "double IPA Sunday" My poor butt hopes both TRX and BAT moon in the near future!

    Also don't want to get too political but you should look up who was on the BOD for HSBC while that money laundering thing was going down. Pretty interesting..

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