Your Oculus avatar can pull a sword out of thin air and take a VR selfie (CNET News)

At the 2016 Oculus Connect 3 keynote, Mark Zuckerberg showed off a live VR chat with the Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality ▻ CNET News …


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  1. i just wanna be able to see my family and friends across the country…i don't have money to see them…i just wish technology would get there. even if we had to have room presets but it was like we were there..that would be great.

  2. Member' hanging out with your brothers, sisters, and friends years ago? Playing board games, video games, sport games, going to movies together and just shooting the shit. Then as you got older, you had to move or they had to move. It is super hard to plan a trip to visit your parents, or friends because you work all the time, and have lots of stuff to catch up on. Skype isn't enough, screen sharing isn't enough. Even logging on and just playing some PC/Xbox games together, doesn't feel the same. You don't walk away with the satisfied feeling you once got when you were younger and enjoying time with others.

    Well now that the touch controllers reviews are coming out great, and I tried them myself. This video seems a lot more plausible and exciting then it use too. When you use the controllers, you actually CRAVE this type of interaction with people. You are able to relax, and lose yourself just playing basketball or air hockey with a friend and just shoot the shit. Like you did when you were younger. It is indeed, an amazing feeling. The feeling can be achieved again.

    Its the price tag that is the biggest hindrance currently (Around $1,500 entry for VR + high end computer/upgrades). But that will only get lower and I feel its going to drop pretty drastically with half a billion in development behind it. You can use examples of the 4K HDTVS dropping from 2k ++ to 300 dollars in a couple of years as proof. Its less about the technology getting cheaper and more about supply chain management. Cheaper routes, parts, shipping methods and service contracts. It is not all technology leaps. Supply chain management is good old fashioned, pure manpower.

    Exciting time for VR, as a person following it from the kickstarter, this Xmas has been full of great surprises. Only going to get better from here on in. All aboard the hype train.

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