Extreme I.T. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an exciting frontier in tech. Betsy, a real Lenovo employee, is here to explain it in the grossest way possible. Learn more at: …


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  1. Wow…they really would just make any edgy commercial these days…do they actually think this stuff is effective…”looks at view count” hmm….ok

  2. Who come up with this stupid commercial idea?Put a woman in a very uncomfortable situation so they can sell their product,PLUS,where is VR even involved the whole time?Shame on the company and the person who brought up the idea.

  3. Trying to sell VR by putting a woman in a box with bugs and snakes.
    That's like trying to sell a cheeseburger by throwing lawnmowers into the ocean. A complete wasteful nonsequitur.

  4. Her: Hi, im Betsy. Senior user experience designer at Lenovo.
    Me: Hi, that sounds cool, what do you do?
    Her: I lie down in a plastic box with an open top wearing my Lenovo outfit and googles while my colleagues throw insects and snakes at me. I should also talk the entire time.
    Me: Oh.. cool..

  5. Felt really sorry for the snakes. So many different species mixed together cross contaminating each other's bacteria, with a sizeable risk of one snake eating another, especially given that a few snakes such as the milk snake in the video are often more than happy to munch on other snakes. Then, dangerously for both snake and human, the snakes are placed into a narrow, confined space with someone clearly nervous and afraid, who may easily end up doing something stupid. The bigass Burmese python doesn't exactly help the situation as no matter how much of a sweetie Burmese pythons can be, their size and power should still demand discipline and respect.

  6. I hate Lenovo because of the Lenovo k8 note is still hanging and heating after three updates fuck I have wasted my money for f.u.c.k.i.n.g brand hate it I will never buy anything from the Lenovo in my entire life….f.u.c.k. you ?

  7. Of course she was not surprised by what you put in there and she was not afraid of any of the bugs and snakes, I don't know if she had previous experiences with boas or pythons but she wasnt the least intimidated by them, nonetheless – outstanding. She is a badass lady.

    their marketing department, associated the brand with nasty animals, and even put a nice girl in a box with them …

  9. bought a lenovo think station 920 with dual platinum xeon 23 core at 2. ghz plus two Titan V cards plus 384 gigs ram, how can I make it as fast as possible?

  10. Me in the box: high pitched screaming for the whole time, nonstop.


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