Galaxy S7 – 16 Hours In Water

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Unlocked) – When I heard that the Galaxy S7 was water resistant I was pleased. Samsung claims the S7 can …


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  1. Well here is the thing. I got my Galaxy S7 Edge a week ago but this is what happens. I was taking a bath and put my S7 Edge in the bath for a little more than three times. Guess what? It died on me. Well not completely die on me, first I realized that the tab button on the right stopped working and kept on pressing itself rapidly until I turn it off. The next problem I experienced was the headphone jack, it literally wouldn't make any sound unless I put my headphones in but guess what? I still heard sound from my headphone even if it was playing sound. I also realized my damn speaker sounds hell bad. Please HELP me someone! I just broke my iPhone 6 last week and bought this phone but this gave up on me too.

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