Oculus Quest Games Announced So Far…

Here’s all the Oculus Quest games that have been announced for launch so far! The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset coming in Spring 2019 for $399!


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  1. the concept of the quest is what all want in vr, standalone headset with 6dof, inside out tracking and no more fu cking cables. i hope the next gen headsets coming all with inside out tracking and have min. 200fov and must defintily have a wireless adapter inside and a adapter for pc like the vive wirless adapter ( but inside the headset not outside ) for the next gen standalone i hope for more fov as 110 maybe 160minimun and definitly a better gpu……

  2. Do you think that the graphics from rift games like robo recall and beat saber will be downscaled because it's only a mobile chip…

  3. So excited for people to try this who are willing to get it for 400. It's important to note that the price can only go down over time. I finally got my rift for 400 instead of initial price at launch. I don't regret it, been using it to play modded skyrim vr like a mofo since I hadn't played skyrim since high school.
    The quest sounds dope for a beyond room scale experience, but I wonder if you can connect it to a pc to make the games look better unless they're working on rift 2.0 right now for increased fov and res. More fov is seriosuly needed, it can make the game more immersive.

  4. It'll be interesting to see how Robo Recall runs, it needed a lot of horsepower for the Rift.

    I'd like to see Rec Room, Job Simulator, Beat Saber, Lucky's Tale and some boxing games at launch. Hopefully all cross-buy with the Rift.

  5. Rumored:

    Apex Construct
    Beat Saber
    Headlight Blade
    Marvel Powers United
    Rec Room
    Space Junkies
    Space Pirate Trainer
    Thrill of the Fight 2
    The Unspoken


    Exclusives from Insomniac and Ready at Dawn 🙂

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