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  1. 6.3. As if IGN has a statistical gradient of 861 factors that make up a great game which they carefully fill out by going into a in-depth analysis of the games that they review. Scoring FIFA 19 and 8.2/10 for the micro-transaction milking machine that it is. Botched reviews for the last 10 years. 6.3/10 doesn't mean crap anymore, coming from you guys.

  2. wow, really disappointed, i was excited by this, but i had no idea this was only boss fights, unpopular opinion i guess, but boss fights are my least favorite part of souls games, they're cool, but i care way more about exploring new areas

  3. As many have said, I have never once thought that a Souls game would be better if I could skip to the bosses. The level design is just as impressive and important as the bosses. Have I wished for a boss rush MODE? Yes. For a Souls game to be just about the bosses? Hell no.

  4. "No narrative"-6/10 mind i remind you that a lot of games dont have a story? Hell the new BO4 doesnt have one but you will probably 10/10 it because it has battle royal
    Edit:fortnite doesnt even have a story but it got 3.3 points more then this even tho… It has no story…

  5. No, I haven't asked myself if DS would be better if I could skip the iconic level design. But a boss rush is better than nothing I guess.

  6. Damn I was hoping for a dark souls clone but it’s just bosses? I had high hopes for this game gunna skip it I guess ?

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