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THESE GUN MECHANICS ARE AS SMOOTH AS THE ASS OF MY GIRLFRIEND! • You want to support my channel and get extra’s? Go and checkout my …


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  1. Movies and videogames give this cool guy idea of tilting the gun. Its just a game so it doesn't matter but only people who tilt like that are folks with gas masks and it is not preferred.

  2. Correct me if i'm wrong. but for multiple enemies turning the gun on its side gives you a wider view. scopes are for longer shots. infact there are some guns fitted with 2 sights. one for long. and another on the side as was demonstrated by merp but with another sight as he turned the gun. You get what i'm saying right?

  3. Now we just need it to implement nervous system synchronization to make all the pain real. Then it would be much more realistic than the typical FPS, where'd you get shot in the leg, shake it off like nothing happened, and continue to clear a room full of 20 enemy soldiers solo.

  4. About him shooting sideways
    Its an actual shooting technique many soldiers do especially spec-ops
    Also he does use the scope but it is recorded from his left eye while he is aiming from his right

  5. Vr is a mindfuck after 30min playing. New tech is required to start thinking about heavy vr gaming.

    Also there is no way vr will beat the sofa + beer + smoke and game. I may be mistaken but probably not. 😀

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