Black Ops 4 Review: DOES IT SUCK? (Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Review Xbox One X Gameplay)

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  1. The hit detection issue has been a common problem in CoD for years. Doesn't seem this will be fixed anytime soon. The devs will laugh and blame it on your internet.

  2. I skipped purchasing ww2 because I played it in advance and hate it. Gave bo4 a shot and bought it .. regretted it after an hour man. This multiplayer is horrendous. And anyone saying otherwise is being a delusional over hyping fanboy. Nothing innovative. Nothing risky. Nothing new. Shitty spawns. Shitty map design and pacing. Weapon balancing is horrible. I have not enjoyed one match , even matches where I’ve done exceptional don’t feel satisfying. Blackout will stay over shadowed by fortnite and as a zombies fanboy who started gaming because of cod zombies I have to say I’m let down. Call of duty games are no longer made for fans they are made for YouTubers and YouTube is the reason gaming has gone to shit

  3. I don’t think this game would last long with some of the bullshit things they’ve added.

    Also the “Kill cam” or whatever you wanna call it is overdone, pretty cringe worthy if you ask me.

    But since this game was released this week, maybe cod will clutch with an update, who knows, but I’d prefer Bo3 more than this quite honestly.

  4. Game is garbage. Its literally and, i mean literally , call of duty 4s outdated ass engine with the tank-like, slow and clunky, gameplay. This shit is horrible because COD was never a tactical game for the longest time, it was always run and gun. Thats what made COD stand out and have an identity- the arcade fps is what it was and not a fuckin tactical simulator. And it pisses me off that blops 3 plays better than this. The engine of this game is so bad you can feel the slow and clunkiness of this shit and the clay-like looking graphics are absymal. Im calling it now, treyarch didnt utilize there 3 years and rushed this. A lot happened behind the scenes with this horrendous game. Please save us infinity ward, you guys always had the best physics and engine in your games. Give us modern warfare 4 and a modern warfare 2 remaster for its 10th anniversary next year.

  5. Still debating on getting this, not sure if my laptop is good enough to run it since I never bought the next gen consoles

  6. I miss the good old days of playing The 1st Black Ops and MW2 and MW3. COD needs to go back to that era!!! Maybe that’s just me.

  7. Your not gonna see you tubers hating on Bo4 because they need to play it cause of views. Played it for 8 hours and I’m done with it. Black out is ok. But I’m selling this game ASAP

  8. Good to hear your voice and your thoughts, Bob. I agree with you about CoD being sweaty in very lobby. I think it's been that way since IW really. I'm OK with it, it just takes a little more mental commitment.

  9. I hate the inconsistency with the hit detection. One game it feels bang on and I do quite well, the next game I'm getting absolutely melted. And I think they should change the name to Back Ops because I am forever shot from behind. I just wish I could play this game without getting pissed off. 🙂

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