Crypto Livestream | What’s the cause of bitcoin’s spike?

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  1. I don't think Tone got recked or made a bad trade at all and he didn't get stopped out or anything either. I think the people that were giving him shit didn't know what they were talking about. The ignorance of some people that don't know trading is pretty fantastic.

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  3. Hey nicholas, just wanted to know how you were bullish on chainlink but from this video believe collectables and cash are main use cases? Non smart contracts?

  4. Hey Data Dash, thanks for the great dash cast! As for that book you mentioned, I couldn't find just "Randomness", did you mean "Fooled By Randomness" by N. Taleb? Cheers!

  5. utility tokens are required for the model of shared economies to function, also how are they dying when mass adoption has not even started or when most of them are still in development? majority of people see them only for speculation but in reality they are not.

  6. Never traded into tether this whole year. Decided 2 weeks ago to trade small amounts of ADA into tether ($50 worth) was waiting for 7 cents but quickly sold for 8 cents during the insanity last night. Still made profit though 🙂

  7. Shoud I, and how should I set stops when I want to keep my ADA inside the daedalus or (in the future) the ledger nano s?

  8. Putting in some fud around usdt while there still is so much concern about it. Could it be that they themselves are behind it? Make even more money? Im not very happy with this development. In the eyes of the sec this might look like another good reason to say crypto is too much exposed to manipulation…

  9. You should try something real and practical. I have tried a lot of these in the past and they did not work for me, I almost became frustrated till I found Mr Anderson and his team. Now I make a minimum of $5000 without having to pay extra for anything. I suggest you write him before you doubt me. There is no harm in trying. Here is his email Anderbtc111@ gmail .com

  10. Hopefully someone can help,
    For now I’m using Binance. I’m still new to crypto and would like to know 2 things.

    1- what exchange is best for a US citizen.

    2- if TUSD or USDT is not the best safe coine, where should I put my funds for trading.

    Straight Honest Opinions Please

    Thank You
    Jeff T
    SoCal USA

  11. Thanks for the tip on UniBright. I love promising micro cap projects from both investor/speculator and tech/market disruptor standpoints.
    My other favorite micros are Ryo (b/c the Dev is THE MAN in the XMRstack world), DeepOpinion, Phore, Viacoin, LAtoken, on the fence about OysterPearl/PRL.
    Mid caps: Substratum, PolyMath, Groestlcoin, Nuls, Ethos, Elastos
    Large: XMR, BTC….. on the fence about xrp.

  12. Yo Nick, have you thought of having some background music in the streams? I mean you have some pauses here and there (which is normal). I think some music could improve the flow of the stream greatly ✌️?

  13. Arbitrage wasnt that profitable before but now that there is a big price difference on exchanges can i buy on coinbase and then sell on binance for more? This sounds to easy?

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