Is Bitcoin About To Do Something It Hasn’t Done ALL Year?

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  1. Is it okay to change the symmetrical Triangle while the market moves? The one on the video where you explain the 22 of October is difrent from the one you show on this video.

  2. Hi, Crypto Crew University. I really like how you explain things. The fact is that the support you show at min. 18 is the trendline of 2016/2017. But if you set the log mode, you'll see the trendline prior to 2014 crash was broken, and following the same pattern because history repeats (due to human reptilian behaviour), it will break this trendline as well.
    You can check what I mean here:

    Thanks so much, anyways. You have a new follower. 😉

  3. It seems you haven't read the last news about Tether manipulation. It's not a good moment to buy BTC. It's really unestable, and you can see the differences in prices from some exchanges to others.

  4. Juat broke up!!!iyou couldnt see it i just saw it :DD but probably short term more likely as you mentioned ;)it spiked to 7803!!!how s is that?? 6400 on coinbase and 6980 on bitfinex???

  5. Steve, I would easily say you are the best technical analyst out here on the youtube streets right now. You are killing it. I would definitely take your classes if it weren't for the high price. $2,075.00 is a psychological deal breaker, especially during such a bear market. My partner is already highly skeptical of cryptos so imagine me asking for household money to take TA classes that cost $2,075.00… Would you at least consider having payment plans? In case you decide to consider such options (crossing my fingers), may I invite you to check Team Tree House UI? I took coding lessons from them last year and it was a pleasure to do so because of the good quality teachers but also because of the UI. Man, I loved spending time on their website because it's beautiful and super organized. Would you kindly take a look? Maybe you can take something out of it: – Their payment plans options:

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