Ripple XRP + President Trump + Federal Reserve – XRP Government Adoption?

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– Ripple Reveals XRP Discussions With the Trump Administration, Says White House Is Focused on Crypto
– Ripple is part of Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition (SAIV)
– Federal Reserve Task Force: Ripple Improves Speed and Transparency of Global Payments
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  1. Tony, you should care about who is POTUS because Trump wants transparency in government & the dems who have existed on A complete lack of transparency WILL NOT use blockchain simply because they can be tracked. You like facts, you must know this.

  2. For the love of GOD, please no FED to make XRP moon, just get there because it is a great way to move money! BTC = revolution, XRP = necessary crypto insurance policy.

  3. Americans investing in crypto better start paying attention to US politics and foreign policy. If regulations are what big institutional money wants, politicians are going to be involved. There are politicians that want you dependent on the government and those who don't. Those who want big government and those who don't. Novembers Mid-Terms will have a major impact on all markets across the spectrum.

  4. Would they dare to push for a "reset"? I mean, if XRP were to become widely adopted, then it would certainly cause the value of conventional currencies to drop (a lot) but at the same time the value of XRP would increase. With such an inflation, the US could simply pay back the dept to China in XRP instead of USD (that 1.17 trillion USD wouldn't be as much worth then as now). But this "reset" would come at the cost of the typical tax payer. And yeah, both Bitcoin and Etherum are Chinas tools to be used in the trade war and its not a question of "if" but "when" they will be used for that purpose. I'd be happy to see you prove me I'm wrong as otherwise things truly are headed towards "interesting times".

  5. I don't think the SEC is going to say anything since Ripple is involved in court cases. The beauty of this is that XRP will eventually be declared a commodity or currency through the courts, hopefully soon. The inability for the SEC to define each token's status will mean the rest of the tokens out there will have a ? over them as to what they are. I also don't see the BTC ETFs getting passed by the SEC because of the concentration of mining in China. What does that mean, institutional money will flow into XRP over the other tokens. We are already seeing this with crypto funds increasing their holdings of XRP.

  6. I don't want to ruin the party. But the Federal reserve faster payments taskforce is focussed on Domestic payments and not cross border as i know not?

  7. What if it's labeled as a currency.. what happens then? I thought i saw something that stated it could be classified as a currency not a commodity. Is this possible and what would that do to withdrawing to fiat and the tax implications? Do you have any thoughts on that?

  8. I tell you I watch most big ripple reps of YouTube number one being Jungle inc and I do like how both of you are very clear about making money we all want the world to be a better more efficient place but bottom line as far as early crypto investors go is profit we want to be rewarded so to say for our early belief like big wigs have been doing for years and the label of a credited investor has kept the small man out of the big money

  9. The Democrats do NOT want people to talk about Politics…..bc they will get exposed! How shady they are and will shout you out of a normal conversation!

    Tony it's ok bc we are all adults here 🙂

  10. First of all, love the work that you're doing for the community by loading daily videos.

    Question, How do I upgrade my withdraw limit on Uphold??? Can't find out where whenever I was looking.


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