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  1. The gripe I have with fighting games today is that all the characters are available at the beginning. I used to love playing and unlocking all the characters, it motivates you to play the game more. But no you've got play extra to unlock tira.

  2. Flashy mess. SC6 "Rock, paper, scissors" mechanics mini game really IS annoying and cheesy. The game also has "budget cuts" written all over, probably space for more DLC. One basic costume for each character? Really? Maybe some newcomers to Soul Calibur will try SC and SC2 – the superior prequels, that's the most positive aspect of this otherwise unnecessary and disappointing reboot.

  3. After Seeing How the PS VITA Alone Handled Mortal Kombat & Especially DEAD OR ALIVE 5+ I Think This Would Run Just Fine on Nintendo Switch . But hey I’m not a tech head maybe it can’t. But I would hope to see it come to the platform.

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