The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind reviewed by Joseph Bradford on PC. Also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. ESO Morrowind: Warden Build Guide: …


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  1. Well I love this game I've tried ff14, tera, and wildstar and found this to he my favorite since launch it has only gotten better each year honestly I hate reading all these hate messages on the game if you dont like eso shu dont you just watch videos of things you like

  2. is this just an add on to ESO? Like a seperate server? I just bought tamriel unlimited and I'm not sure if i need to buy it or not

  3. the elder scrolls is a SINGLE PLAYER game … there is nothing cool in the online version … they are killing the pleasure of the game because of money … please at least dont make Fallout online game … because then you will be pure idiots …

  4. this game in the beginning was a expensive mess and now it's one of the most played MMO on the market. Well done Zenimax for using player feedback to create something truly special!

  5. Great expansion review. Except the words "…trumped up charges" is very poor taste. IGN. Please don't do that. I've never heard you say "trumped" in that way before. You know what I'm talking about.

  6. Yeahhh I dont play MMO's for PVP I play them for the PVE and story telling, too many people spend hardcore money just to get good pvp sets.

  7. I've put 700 hours into this game and have still not reached level cap and I learn something new about a build every time a play and ign thinks they can form an opinion on classes or balance or anything to do with the game at all having spent less than 40 hours playing the game. Yes it's an mmo, people who are level capped are going to have better gear than you. It's easy to think the lvl cap players have better gear and they're not more skillful when you don't understand the depth of the combat and using your skills and passives. I'd tell you I've played almost every game that's come out this console generation and this is the best one on console. I've only completed like %40 of the content after 700 hours and pvp is endless fun. But hey what do I know I'm not a shill ign reviewer. I'm just every gamer out there.

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