BIG News from Fidelity and My Thoughts on Tether

Fidelity, a $2.5 Trillion Asset Manager, is making a move into the crypto industry, which is fantastic news. On the opposite of the spectrum, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt surrounding Tether is at an all time high. Let’s talk about it all today!

Fidelity is launching a crypto business for institutions:

Fidelity, the $2.5 trillion Wall Street giant, is launching a brand new institutional brokerage and custody business for crypto

Tether Rich List:

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  1. Who really holds Tether? There's thousands of people who have watched this video… does anyone hold more than $500 of it? Why would you when you could hold other stable coins that all agree are actually audited on some level. WHEN, I don't even think it's IF, Tether collapses, why would an exchange allow people to sell their USDT, at any price? Ultimately, it's the exchange that is buying your Tether. The people would either be selling USDT to the exchange for PAX or (TrueUSD)TUSD and/or BTC. Bottom line, it's Binance/Bittrex, whoever that winds up hold a bag of worthless Tether? I look at Coinbase as being the one of the few exchanges that won't have this problem as they don't trade USDT. Am I right? won't the exchanges just be the ones who get screwed if everyone actually did what MOST people have done already? Just dump their USDT for just about anything else… If I were CZ, I'd just eliminate USDT pairs… you wanna move your Tether out, great, go ahead. Do I have this all wrong? More importantly, did Rob (Crypto Bobby) get a hair cut yet?

  2. Here we are 1 year later, discussion how the only thing that can save Crypto is regulation, the SEC, Fiat backed, FDIC insured coins. We are so stupid for having believed this was different than what it I’ll eventually be.

  3. Cheers Bobby, insightful and balanced as always. I always trade out to tether on my exhange, binance – will be looking for another option now. Tether has always had a bad cloud around it imo; this recent action is the last straw for me. Peace!

  4. Well said, and what I don't understand is why one would even consider Tether and the rest of the trash coins (99%) ? but then again, most are high school kids for the quick bucks forgetting what Bitcoin the KING is.. sad.

  5. If tether goes “poof” I think it’ll be seen as a major boom to crypto because people will flee USDT to the USDT pairs and nobody will really complain much. If it goes insolvent it was already seen as a “scam” by those “in the know” and everyone else will just say – “well, from now on, try to do business with a legit crypto why don’t you?”

  6. all secure stable coins should have minimal 5 bilion $$$ for all the peapol be able to use it without creating a BUY flood & availability for everyone

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