“Crypto Market Is Shifting”, Ethereum Base Pair And Fidelity Crypto Exchange

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  1. 1. So,,,, the de-centralised Bitcoin market will be centrally controlled via the physically backed futures markets!
    2. The derivatives markets (as we know them now), had a humble beginning when the commodities exchanges allowed 'Hedging' . Look where we are now. Hedging…good. Rorting the system…bad!
    Mind you I'm still in!
    Also, for the individual Cryptos that have real world applications (and there are some that are really well thought out), it will take some years before they become embedded within the everyday trading mindset. Bakkt is another step along the way.

  2. The only DEX I'm genuinely interested in trying is Omise Go's. Which also plan to implement total cross-chain compatibility if I'm not mistaken? Much like what you were touching on for South America and Africa, the same can be said for South East Asia. Which is what Omise Go is gunning for. It's going to be incredible if we get to witness countries leapfrog to cutting edge fintech and see their economies flourish as a result of it.

  3. Why would it be important for binance to open an exchange on other continents?
    People just need internet access and they can surf to binance. Can you explain that?
    I do not get it.

  4. That’s no spam bot that’s a tin foil hat worse than me. You find some depressing ass shit. It does add color to the space. Your alright with me. See we got to examine all sides the good bad and the tin foil.

  5. Trump has made statements of talks with China on realizing the need of level playing grounds for trade and so on stating that things need to change and thinks that this will happen sooner than most think..in my mind that screams a one world bridge to connect all (crypto?)currencies/trade reducing friction, increasing speed and abilities and saving money in the process..well Ripple's ILP can do that, but we need a liquidity bridge to be able to make that happen!? Oh, thats right! XRP…
    just a bit of theoretical brain storming..all in all this is going to be one exciting and wild ride for the crypto market! And in the words of Trump..i think this is going to much sooner than most think..

  6. coinbase does indeed have a office in london it's in fleet st, they have an account with barclays bank called CB payment's ltd using the BACS faster payment method.
    transaction's each way now take hour's instead of day's

  7. We (Crypto Investors) . . . are Now at the Beginning of a Major Investment Period for Many Months . . . Before Bull Run Starts . . . and Peeks in 2020 or 2021.

  8. This Uganda angle is kind of fascinating to me……seriously….if Wal-Mart said they were opening stores in Uganda, would that make you think the stock was going to rise?

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