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IGN gives its video review on the game Crysis, now on PSN and XBLA. Does this PC shooter from 2007 stand up against today’s FPS contenders? IGN’s …


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  1. Funny thing is that all the problems the reviewer still exist in the sequels. "..being spotted when you know you shouldn't be …". The sequels could've been great stealth games with a few improvements. I wish instead of giving the soldiers super human eyesight, they made enemies or gadgets that will detect stealth mode.

  2. Well people like to bash this game for being ported to consoles, but actually I would prefer that most games were managed like this. Their main focus the PC platform, and then make adapted ports to consoles. Not the other way around, where we now see that consoles are the main focus, and PC just for people that want a somewhat enhanced version when it comes to graphics, that is, when the port is done right. (I am looking at you Batman, Watch_dogs, Dark Souls, and many others)

  3. Am I the only one who hardly used stealth ? I can't do stealth. Like any other game that involves you creeping about I just end up coming Rambo and killing everything insight loud and like a madman. I do try but as soon as I'm spotted which doesn't take long i just go into Rambo mode. I find going all stealthy and silent boring. My idea of stealth is no living witnesses. Would love for a HD remake of these games, compared to the PC version the 360 & PS3 download looks really cut down, due to their hardware. The XBO and PS4 wouldn't (shouldn't) have any trouble with a HD trilogy pack that's on par with the PC versions.

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