An AMA on the Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: With IBM Blockchain’s Jesse Lund

On Monday, October 22, 2018, from 6:00 to 7:00 EST, a special livestream crypto conversation with George Tung from the CryptosRUs YouTube channel and Jesse Lund from IBM Blockchain. George and Jesse will be answering questions from the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. Jesse will be live from Sibos, one of the world’s premier financial services events, in Sydney, Australia. The discussion will be about this year’s theme, “Enabling the digital economy.”

Post your questions for Jesse here on r/CryptoCurrency.

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  1. I said so didn't I? Using the Stellar blockchain does not necessarily mean that Stellar Lumens will be used as a token. Just wait for IBM token to appear – I bet it will.

  2. Kudos to you I’ve only just started watching you, and wasn’t going to watch this Video, I guess I didn’t look at the Title Properly, However I was hooked in the first minute! I learned So much, an amazing AMA IBM when the next Crash comes will be my first investment and XLM I’m already a Fan Of! KUDOS I’m officially going to be spreading your name

  3. George is the very definition of a "Permabull." He chooses to only look at the positive news regarding cryptos while ignoring all the glaring red flags in the market. The truth is that cryptos are so hopelessly manipulated now, like every other asset class, that those in control of this market will never allow the price of BTC to rise and thus dumb retail investors like you and I to become wealthy. It's just not in their interest to do so. As long as the exchanges report fake trade volumes, and Thether exists, and futures and derivatives exist, the price of BTC will continue to be manipulated ad infinitum.

  4. i understand you , "BUT" the normal "PEOPLE" who just want to invest in
    something that is easy, and you don't need a lot of money too do so,,,
    if you can come up with a simple programed that could get the avenge
    persons involved …. there are a lot of people that can not open a bank
    account, too buy cryptocurrency.(that's in the USA). how in the hell is
    this any different from a bank, when i still need a bank account to
    buy BITCOIN!??????????????????? HOW can i take my cash or my gold and
    buy bitcoin ?

  5. I think its time for me to invest in XLM and just hold until next year 5k worth tomorrow will do and ill just cross my fingers and toes and hodl Go XLM

  6. Man I really wish now I would have put down a good question this morning in this Reddit AMA thread. So cool to watch this and remember reading these in the thread. Also really cool that a guy this busy and influential would do an AMA like this. With the established systems network IBM has throughout the world… it would be very surprising for them to not be a mass frontrunner in the space #gotmesomelumens

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