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Coinbase lists a new cryptocurrency, but what currencies are coming next on Coinbase?
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  1. You should check out Covesting!!! They have just received their DLT License from the Gibraltar Financial Service commission!! Price might double again by tomorrow, and still under evaluated

  2. What's the difference what Coinbase is listing if it does not really affect the price – now people are smarter than they used to be and whoever is currently investing in crypto knows the real value of crypto they have invested in.

  3. have you guys seen Project Elysian Coin i have seen a lot of positive feedback. Because this company want to help people and other companies making their own cryptocurrency
    What do you guys now of the new ICO

  4. Do you know you can buy a coin and still lend it out to the company for trading and earn daily profits for 299 days? Your initial investment is returned after 299days. This amazing I see the coin market creating a new generation of millionaires Details are avail for free
    Never Give Up!

  5. BAKKT and FIDELITY would Spark that Rockets Crypto to the Moon ! ! !
    People should be buying now … why would anyone put their money in stocks or savings for that matter??

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  9. I guess Apollo is not on your mind no more.. but I understand you're probably taking your time. no worries it's a really good crypto (not financial advisor) you should be taking your time LOL

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