Is The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet?

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL appear to be prone to marking, especially the black version of the device. The matte portion of the device seems to be most …


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  1. Why couldn't they done it like OnePlus and put the texture under the glass instead of on the surface so we don't have to toothbrush our phones daily in the first place? This is so dumb lol….i guess we can take notes and doodle on the back of the phone so that's a plus lmao….who needs an S Pen right?

  2. Why are people retarded why put keys and coins in a pocket with a phone either buy a case or use your small simple brain OK 3 gold stars if you special person could read this

  3. Yes, it is a bad design choice BUT it doesn't effect the performance or the durability of the phone. I bought the phone and I will use a Dbrand skin which I would have done anyways. Nothing will change for me.

    And tbh it isn't a "Gate" it is just a bad design.

  4. Yeah sure, let’s all fucking wash our phones.
    Mention the notch glitch.
    Mention the photos glitch.
    Mention the hiss.
    You’re still a shill for google, how the fuck can you accept washing your phone every day?

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