Litecoin Halving – What You Need To Know

Litecoin halving is right around the corner. In this video we talk about the LTC halving and what it can mean for you and Litecoin

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin and litecoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price and Litecoin price move very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.


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  1. Two possible outcomes.
    1. The halving has a negative effect on price at some point in time.
    2. The halving has a positive effect on price at some point in time.

    Pick one of the two, choose wisely.

  2. No….other things like adoption and everyday use will move the price! Either way, up or down, I'm in it for the long haul. I'll keep buying and trying to accumulate as much as I can!!! The big price will be there one day! I'm looking for a retirement with money I'd otherwise blow on useless things! Crypto is here to stay! It's the way of the future.

  3. As it concerns the miners,
    With the invention of asic miners, the efficiency of these things,
    is far outpacing the halving of any currency. Also the hashing power of GPU
    cards has been increasing in big ways.
    I don't think it will make a difference at all.
    Market adoption will, however be key.

  4. 100% gains means it doubled. which means when the whole was halved a 100% increase occured.

    So the halving will have an increase in price but not exponentially.

    The pricing of litecoin will increase prior to the halving as another comment below suggests and is obviously visible in your chart.

    If you used this data you could easily double your money if it were to repeat. But everything is a crap shoot in the crypto space so good luck.

  5. I completely agree with you, the understanding of different environments and situations is key to understand what is coming next.I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Evan. I didn't hesitate to contact him, I traded with him and went from having 4Btc to 18Btc. Thanks to everybody who posted about Evan, you are all part of my Success Story. You'll need an edge to overcome the laws of probability and the uncertainty of the marketplace. That edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics and being able to learn from people who know more than you, expand your information network and take recommendations. It’s no news that Mr Evan has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. You can contact him via email at {} or Telegram +1 904-428-8349 seek his guidance

  6. Good video, thanks for explaining that Dan, I didn't know what halving meant. As far as impacting price, I think it may have a greater impact since there are more people holding then before like you said, makes sense. God Bless

  7. I think a 2008 style crisis will drive money into Crypto. That's the opportunity. The blood in the street. I'll already be in the gutter, wallowing in the blood before most people realize they are bleeding. Keep stacking.

  8. Good informative video! I think both Litecoin and Bitcoin ‘halvings’ will have positive effect! But gradual and long term as happened after 2015!

  9. Two things to reconsider: Log scale, and satoshi value. Ditch the linear chart and study under logarithmic scale, and focus more on satoshi value rather than the dollar amount.

  10. I completely agree with you, the understanding of different environments and situations is key to understand what is coming next.
    Although is always good to look at history as it may repeat itself, to understand what is going on, one has to evaluate in which situation things are develop or moving. In short, we should expect very very high volatility in the near future.
    Be ready to a drop in cryptocurrency, as that will be the perfect moment for hedge funds etc to invest.
    If a drop wont happen is simply because these institutions are already into the game.
    Thumbs up as usual!

  11. halving is priced in before it happens. if not, miners will get rekt immediately. so dont wait for the halvingday, just stay in the game.

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