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  1. Romance options in ac …. hmmm I believe there’s a thing called a story so in point very quickly here it can’t happen as the precursors chose a certain path and that path has to be perfect and not altered meaning we shouldn’t have choices and if it feels like we do have a choice that should still feel fully restricted orrr does no one care about the lore and how having choices makes no since at all in any way

  2. Romance in this game is pointless when u sleep with them u can’t really talk to them or see them ever again. Wish u could find them in the world and talk to them and do some more romance. Only romance u get to see forever is Odessa since u can get her to join ur crew. But u can’t really talk to her.

  3. As a straight male, I want to apologize to the LGBT community for our attitudes towards y’all. It’s disgusting and disrespectful, something I don’t want to experience growing up.

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