Trump’s White House Exploring XRP + Binance Overhaul – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about the White House considering Ripple XRP. He also talks about Binance and their new partnership. This is a daily segment!
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Double Trouble: Binance Partners with Chainanalysis to Prevent Crypto Violations

Chainalysis Partners with Binance to Tackle Global Cryptocurrency Money Laundering

Crypto Exchange Binance Adds Compliance Tools from Chainalysis

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In Case You Missed It: White House Might Be Pushing Towards XRP

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  5. Xrp is centralized.the u.s. government probably already owns everyone working for and holding xrp main accounts lol. They will likely use xrp(fiat) to combat china. Maybe the u.s. will make a usd crypto called the "petrodollar" lol

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