Virtual Reality: Explained!

From Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard: Everything you need to know about VR! Google Cardboard: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. There’re also many types of VR headsets wich works differently, some do use mirrors & goggles to spread & amplify the image from a single small screen to the viewer’s eyes, while other systems do use 2 lcd screens inside it.
    It’s interesting to see those different types of vr headsets at how they work in action.

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  3. They need to have the technology out in shopping centres ect for people to try in order to see what they are missing or it wont take off with anyone but gamers

  4. There are three (3) kinds of VR Headsets so far:
    The first it's for your "Smartphone", the second kind of VR headset is "PC connected", and the third kind of VR headset is the "Standalone" (All in One = No PC, No Smartphone).

  5. Great explanation and Thank You. I was wondering how all this came together in a headset. But the real way to explain VR is experience it. Honestly, this is the next step computer science is going to go. It's what the human race wants and needs. Weather it be education, porn, health, nature or whatever. We humans want to escape the troubled and boring repetitious lifestyle with VR. Certainly to the VR code writers imagination is the limit!!! 😀

  6. Late to the party, but a fair amount of the simulator footage from the beginning was from the Navy, not the Air Force – AF doesn't land on aircraft carriers!

  7. hey man! could you tell me that when u said "it has a gyroscope, a screen and everything built in…" when u were talking about type … what more comes in that 'everything' ??? because i need it for research… it is really important and im nearing my deadline… could u pls reply asap!!!! i really need that help!!! thanku for making this video too!!! really helpful!!

  8. google cardboard is more like looking at a virtual 3d tv throuth googles . not even similar to reality 😀
    Maybe the oculus or vive are good? I mean the starVR(not for normal perople ;( ) has 270 degree view range and htc vive has 120 i guess, the cardboard barely has 90 😐 and the smartphone graphics are well just a joke

    controls are also a huge problem, you can't use a mouse can you?! and controllers are stupid unless your're just casually playing fun games 😀 but the htc vive controller if you can accurately aim sound good!

    But I hope vr doens't get like 3d (I feel like it already has) because IMAGINE GOING IN ICC with a freaking VR Headset 😀 I mean…. that would be awesome! or even going to exodar with one 😛

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