Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Review

Black Flag is a massive, gorgeous, and fantastic sequel that gives you the freedom to make your own fun.


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  1. I don't understand why IGN give this game a 8.5 cuz of the story is disappointing, the story is amazing and Even better that the last generation's AC, I think the cons of this game should be repeated mission

  2. I bought that game before the free give away and I run that game in my potato laptop for 20fps in 720p, The game is awesome especial the story, I actually tears down at the end of the story when the sailor are singing the song and Edward start memorizing those friend that died before in the story. Compare to Odysseys and origin I would still give this game and 9 out of 10 even I play that game in the shiddiest graphic.

  3. If you look at a map ? (or globe) just use a digital map prob look at Cuba near USA dub and look over at England to the west (again, DUH) that’s a long way. Also, a lot of the “New World” explorers came that way. Again duh the three European powers, Spain, England, and France. Done with boring history again after this duh it’s called the West Indies sea. I wanted to make a point of how much bigger it could of been. It’s big already, it’s AMAZING.

  4. One of the best Assassin characters in the series. And even tho your modern day protagonist is just a random abstergo employee meant for role replay, the hacking missions and such were fun and intriguing

  5. The story was brilliant. It was gorgeously crafted. The final breakthrough into Edwards greedy mindset for a responsible and more mature assassin with morals following the death of his mates gives him an emotional blow and makes him question his own motives in life. Ubisoft has the most brilliant artists and storytellers.

  6. I only started playing AC games this year, I started with Syndicate and have played random ones since then but this one is definitely the best I've played so far.

  7. Unpopular opinion:

    I know people gonna attack me and hunt me down for this but honestly, i think AC Black Flag was not as great as i expecting it to be. I'm not saying that it's bad, not at all. In fact i'm still playing it right now even after i finished it. i had so much fun and it got tons of things to do and that's what i love about this game. I got lots of emotions playing it and the world feels more alive. It's just.. i feel like the story wasn't as immersive as i thought it would be. Huh, I think i just expect way too much from this game.

    But don't get me wrong, i'ts still an awesome game nevertheless and i'm really enjoying it so far. Tbh, the story is one of the best but i feel like they could've pushed a little further.
    I'd give it 9.3/10

  8. That feeling when you finally upgrade your Jackdaw to the required level and destroy the enemy ship and conquer it while the black flag theme plays in the background ??

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