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  1. Even though it doesn't have a very exciting plot/story or anything I actually found both this and 5 to be very relaxing games, wandering about exploring Hogwarts and getting every achievement 🙂

  2. I love how people comment 4 Years ago & Someone else pops out (Either a fan or Troll) & starts arguing with the other guy

    BTW I know this game is 7 Years Old I just saw many comments that were 4 Years Old

  3. This game is terrible, it's basically 3 minigames that you have to do over and over again. You can complete the storyline in half a day and then all that's left to do is to get highscores in the minigames. And there are only three of them. Do not recommend this game to anyone

  4. I remember reading few opinions bout this game a year ago when i played order of the phoenix. Many suggested not to buy this one cuz it's no different from OoTp,but i think this is way better 🙂 the ootp was a nice introduction to the castle and it's grounds,but this has LOTs of flying, LOTS of potion brewing and way more dueling 😀 n of course being able to earn trophies is a sweet side plus lol

  5. Though it could be a lot better, it's still a fun game.

    What I would like to see in a Harry Potter game would be a Bully-esque game, using this engine, character models and environments that follows the plot of the book (including scenes not in the film) through missions while featuring minigames in the form of classes set to a timetable. Completing certain classes at certain levels would allow you to have access to more skills to use in missions or free-roam, so it would be beneficial to attend classes instead of just charging through the missions.

    It was also nice to see some variety in the uniform styles of the NPCs in this game versus the sea of grey from the previous game.

  6. My favorite thing in this game is potions. I've always loved alchemy in video games, and if this sort of potion-making was in an RPG or MMO, I would love it.

  7. Nah, I agree with SuperXD25. GoF isn't playable, you can only go 45 degree angles, can't aim, can't shoot. Deathly hollows is just a bad and boring game, but it's playable.

  8. Uh, no, they were. Some were even pretty DAMN fun like Half Blood Prince. And stop it with the unplayable bullshit it wasn't the best but it wasn't that bad.

  9. i don't know. non of those were good that's for sure, but for me GoF was not even playable.
    on the other hand, quidditch: world cup was excellent. probably at the top 3.

  10. Uh no. That's the problem, it was not fun. Not in the slightest. While GoF was at least a little. The system wasn't the best that's damn right, and the camera angles fucked people over but at least they did something of their own, they game the game something unique. DH is just a poor rehash of the films, and on top of that a downgraded Call of Duty. Yes you didn't think CoD could be any worse. Wrong.

  11. exactly… especially if you play the PC versions:

    1. Philosopher´s Stone 6/10
    2. Chamber Of Secrets 8/10
    3. Prisoner Of Azkaban 7/10
    4. Goblet Of Fire 1/10
    5. Order Of Phoenix 5/10 – for the broken controls and camera
    6. Half Blood Prince 3/10
    7. Deathly Hallows Part I 2/10
    8. Deathly Hallows Part II 3/10

  12. Because the first two were puzzle-based adventures with a zelda-like vibe, focusing on gameplay rather than story (in fact,they hardly had the same story as the books/films).

  13. Nope it's:

    1)Chamber of Secrets
    2)Philosipher's stone
    3)Half Blood Prince
    4)Goblet of Fire
    5)Prisoner of Askaban
    7)Deathly Hallows Part 2
    8)Order of the Phoenix
    9)Deathly hallows part 1

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