Sleeper Diesel Truck SMOKES Supercar on the Street! – 1200HP/2000TQ

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This beast literally smokes the competition! Today we feature Ivan’s 2002 diesel powered Silverado, putting down an impressive 1200WHP/2000+ftlb. This truck is a true sleeper and eats supercars for breakfast!

Special thanks to:
socal diesel
Mike L at inglewood transmisssions
Trent Nell
ATS Diesel
Suncoast converters
Randy’s ring and pinion
mesa balancing
Merchant automotive


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  1. This truck RIPS! Thanks for watching, leave a comment below to show some love.

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  2. This is why I got a diesel…. Supercars are nice and they have there place but there's nothing like having a 4X4 that has the power speed a towing all in one, along with fuel economy.. Love it when they ask whats in that thing… 👍👍

  3. Rolling coal is just another way to say burning Vaseline and latex! Make shure your protect your anus well with plenty of that lube we see burning lmao! Bought not built lolz…. sad…… all bolt-ons

  4. Triple compound from a small to medium to large turbo and go for the 1500hp 2800tq then lean the fuel back a little for better air fuel ratio and power

  5. I got about 300psi boost with 90mm dual quad rotary turbos. Bored .080 over. 840 cu aluminum big block converted to diesel. 3 whipple super chargers stacked with the turbos. 12 level switch. Roughly 4200HP to the rear. Built this for fun with a friend in his driveway during the winter in Alberta. Has 27 glow plugs just to fire up and burns about 2 gallons a minute. I will run anyone who wants a go.

  6. I'd love to know that trans set-up he has this is the baddest 02 I've seen I have the exact same truck it's my ol'trusty and it's paid for so I'm gonna go all in on it and keep it forever it's the best $$ I've ever spent so for a long bed king cab this is an awesome direction to go. Beautiful truck and a monster to boot!!

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