Tom Campbell: Virtual Reality and Consciousness

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in this short video clip, designed to raise awareness for his physics experiments, physicist Tom Campbell connects virtual reality, the double slit experiment, …


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About the Author: Tom Campbell


  1. The capability of each persons spectrum of vision , hearing , sight , touch , differs according to their understanding and experience but also vibration, if you raise the magnetic vibration of a persons molecular being , things begin to change …………

  2. Today I am very happy to learn of Tom Campbell. For a similar take on the same theme, search on Amazon for The Word of Bob – An AI Minecraft Villager.

  3. I don’t think you’re using the term virtual reality correctly

    I think the term you are looking for here is

    Simulation or simulated reality.

    Virtual Reality is a different thing

  4. Hey Tom, would it be possible for us to be NPC's (Non Player Characters) in this Virtual Reality? An advanced AI that behaves similarly to the players for example

  5. Even when the environment is completely unrelated… the overall feel of the picture in the video is like watching The Architect from The Matrix… The blue color of the light from the windows makes them look like screens… 😛

  6. Hello Mr. Campbell,
    I absolutely love your TOE. It's pretty close to my world view. But how do animals fit in this theory? Are animals NPCs (Non-Player-Characters, to stick with the World of Warcraft analogy)? Every pet owner will tell you, that his cat or dog is as conscious as a human and I think the same way. So who is the player of the dog? And why is there a player of an animal? Can a animal choose to do the right thing and evolve? I would assume yes: a cat, a dog or a cow can choose to do the right thing. But what about all the lower life forms like the ants, mosquitos, spiders and flies? How do they fit in?
    I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Thank you very much.

  7. I would say the game in going on INSIDE the computer rather than the computer being OUTSIDE the game, if you wanted to see it on a screen then THAT would be outside the computer. But I guess it all means the same thing, and for us to see outside our reality is like the characters in GTA5 getting out of the game and into your livingroom, never going to happen, that's how trapped we are in this reality.

    Q: Would the speed of light be the bandwidth/download speed of our virtual reality?, like I wonder if the speed of light was slow we could see reality getting rendered/built in front of us as we open a door to an empty room or turn on a light we would "catch it out" and see it change from probability waves to solid reality right before our eyes, but as it stands we cant catch reality out by opening a door as it is too fast. But travelling faster than this DL speed?… the only place to go is backwards? :/

  8. As I tab over to World of Warcraft, Tom here reads my mind and starts talking about it. Mind blown. It's a sign. 2018 rigged. We're in a simulation

  9. Is that virtual snow ? And a virtual fire in the background ? Anyway , I believe what he is saying is correct , and I think that a lot of the mainstream also think that too !

  10. He says that "consciousness is what animates you". The thing is though, that when we are sleeping or knocked 'unconscious', our body keeps functioning. So, if we are unconscious, how could our body keep functioning?

  11. Wave particle duality possible explanation:

    It is only an idea on my part but it goes something like this:
    1. Charged particles have their associated magnetic fields with them.
    2. Protons and electrons are charged particles and have their associated magnetic fields with them.
    3. Photons also have both an electrical and magnetic components to them.
    4. Whenever a proton, electron, or photon is shot out of a gun, it's respective magnetic field interacts with the magnetic fields of the electrons in the atoms and molecules of the gun itself, the medium the projectile is traveling through (ie: air), and/or from around the slits themselves.
    5. Via QED (quantum electrodynamics), newly generated photons might occur.
    6. The projectile goes on it's own way and the newly generated photons go on their own way. It gives the illusion of a wave particle duality, but it is not that way in actual reality.
    7. Specifically in the case of protons or electrons, the newly generated EM wave travels faster than the particles. The new EM waves go through both slits and sets up "hills and valleys" of field energy. When the proton or electron goes through one of the slits, it then follows whatever "valley" it enters thereby over time, even shooting only one proton or one electron at a time, the interference pattern will still emerge.
    8. As far as detectors are concerned, they probably have an energy field that is one way when on and a different way when off. The interaction of this energy field (or the lack thereof) with whatever is passing through it, gives the indication that is observed.

    Now, for those who hold fast to reality being probability waves that are condensed down by an observer into one single physical reality, then:
    a. What exactly are these probability waves made up of?
    b. Where exactly are these probability waves stored at until they are observed?
    c. How exactly does an observer in physical reality actually observe these probability waves and condense them down into one single physical reality?
    d. Who and/or what observed the first observer?
    e. What exactly happens when two or more observers observe different probability waves? Which one takes precedent in physical reality?

    For me, while this observer condensing probability waves down into one single physical reality might work well on paper, it does not appear to reflect actual reality.

    Now, utilizing the scientific principal of Occam's razor, which way is more probably correct? My way by utilizing known scientific principals, or that is as discerned on paper as stated above is how reality actually is?

  12. The strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are just a derivative of em interactions between electrons and protons. Gluons don't really exist and the nucleus is a magnetic field boundary. What is called 'gravity' is a part of what is currently recognized as the photon, 'gravity' being the force that makes the sine wave of em expand and contract and acts basically 90 degrees to the em forces which of course act basically 90 degrees to each other. The pulsating, swirling photon being the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe. Everything in existence are photons and interacting photons. (OSICB)

  13. How do we know everyone in the virtual reality are conscious?  There could be beings in the reality that are only program constructs much like the movie West World.

  14. It's interesting to notice the non verbal aspects of the video convey the message as well. Here is Tom in a virtual environment with snow and a fireplace. The video itself is virtual. That's a beautiful background by the way. The quality of the videos being put out here are evolving very nicely.

  15. the soul is the only part of our existence that we lead to another existence or life. With the experiences during our life, truths acquired in other lives are remembered, and new truths are acquired during the next experiences or lives, they do expand or accumulate truths in our soul. With these experiences of lives our soul grows

  16. “I think if you go far enough back and look at certain types of texts, for example, the Hermetica, okay? And read them without the standard academic approach. . .what pops out is a profound metaphor of a physical medium that creates information, and that’s a very modern idea." – Dr. Joseph Farrell

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