Unboxing The Magical RED iPhone 7

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You May Never Forgive Me For This… https://youtu.be/NTprtnCrzPQ Here it is… The long awaited, highly anticipated unboxing of the RED iPhone 7 and RED …


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  1. Youโ€™re a fucking idiot and so are your subscribers. Product Red, or (RED) is a charity that exists to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Itโ€™s incredible that a company as large as Apple has collaborated on an iPhone with this organization to raise money and awareness for this global cause – a lot more incredible than your pathetic display of sarcasm and comment section full of clueless douchebags.

  2. Just have to point out, that the song in the background sounds like a Cafe version of Alessas Theme from Silent Hill. Don't believe me, look up "Alessas Harmony" and put the speed up to x1.5… I can't be the only one to think this.

  3. You are aware of the campaign it was linked to and donated proceeds of the โ€œProject Redโ€ phone, right? That is why I purchased one.

    Also because itโ€™s red.

  4. Always a mysterious enjoyable , playable, curiosity,and joking ….
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