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  1. Yes Apollo is the future and will be a top 5 crypto by 2020 or sooner!!
    Apollo will consume the market cap of many of these other coins that only do small parts of what Apollo does, simply because it’s the ALL IN ONE coin.
    Tell me one other coin or token that does more than Apollo does, will do, or will have. Read the Apollo Whitepaper and roadmap before responding with you token or coin though ???
    Getting in on Apollo now at $.0013 is like getting in on XRP in the early days of 2012.
    Are you ready for the future?!? It’s here, it’s Apollo

  2. I have been with Apollo from the start and I love this project. It gives back the control of your money to you from all the financial institutes, which is ripping us off from all angles. For me , the key points of Apollo are the following:

    Privacy (which also includes public transaction option)
    Transaction speed
    Very very low transaction fees
    Decentralized exchange

    Of course the best team and community ever

  3. Apollo undeniably the best privacy coin out there if u couldn't get in early with monero or dash than this is ur chance don't sleep on Apollo currency!

  4. Excellent combination of privacy features put into one coin! -Projects like this one really adds value to the real purpose of Blockchain and to your investments whilst letting you truely be the only person who controls your funds amd assets!
    … Sound project!! Will invest! ….And a good time to get in with the low price just before Q4's bull run and before this coin's price ramps up.
    Thanks for the video! I'm in!!!

  5. OK Zac, I have watched tons of your videos. This Apollo Currency review is your best yet. Your energy, positivity, candor, and honest coverage of this project just raised your bar. Dynamite job man, well done. I'm personally very proud of you right now. Impressive. Now go fill your bag!
    KenB??APL4LIFE baby!!!

  6. Apollo is building the ultimate currency, taking the best, most desirable features of all the top coins and adding unmatched privacy, an open marketplace, decentralized exchange, and combining all of this into a regulation-proof platform easily accessed by anyone from one wallet.

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  8. after seeing the review I checked out the Apollo website and white paper. Looks pretty solid. Defiantly going to buy some. Maybe 2 million because its so cheap.

  9. "Serious Strides" might be an Serious understatement. After watching this video and doing a little fact checking. It seems Apollo has been cleared for launch!

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