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  1. As a PC gamer, I am so disappointed by the void this game fills my expectations, that I am ready to spend my money for RDR2…. even though I cannot play it on PC…. don't care. It will certainly be more worth than this fallout 4 husk. ☹

  2. I am not so sure about this game, looks like it is going to become a "the division" game. Full of players that just shoot on site, no social behavior. This is not fallout anymore.

  3. dude playing this game is not a real fallout player. he killed me to watch. he was spazzing because her ran out of stimpacks and could not heal up. real fallout players would have ate food even if it had a few rads take a radx and keep on rolling. save the stimpacks for emergency. in fallout 4 i had over 200 in my base in a stash box and only carried about 15 on my person. I have watched several of the beta and pre beta videos you can always tell which ones are true fallout players.

  4. This Is SoftCore Rust for the Pansys…..This Is Basically A survival game without all the stakes and Risk that makes a Game Like Rust/DayZ/Conan/ETC

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this game turns out to be a massive flop. Like wtf are you doing Bethesda? All we wanted was to be able to play your single player classic TES/Fallout games with the ability to have a friend or 3 join your world. Not this. Idk any fans (who have been playing your games since before ESO) that actually wanted this.

  6. What a waste of a beautifully large and dense map. If they only just hired Obsidian again to do their magic and fill the world with quests and npc's this game could have been special like new vegas. What a waste and a disappointment.

    I've no doubt starfield will be amazing though. However, bad move by bethesda here. Tone deaf.

  7. The lack of living NPCs is brilliant. The vault dwellers being protected by the vault is really emphasized by the fact that they're the only survivors. The war wasn't just a setback, it killed everyone in some places. When you see humans fighting other humans, it's vault dwellers turning on each other. It's a really dark and unique setting.

  8. This video is terrible, the dude on the left complained 90% of the time that Bethesda didn't make fallout 76 where he could just kill everyone he sees immediately in pvp. Then the other 10% of the time talked about rust and how he'd much rather play that.

    Literally never heard so much whining about pvp. There are already so many games that have what you're looking for dude! Call of duty, destiny, halo, h1z1, and soooo much more.

    Fallout 76 is giving players who don't want to JUST kill each other immediately a chance to make logical decisions and choices based on the world around them.

    I was overjoyed when he said he wouldn't play this game. Seriously hate players like him.

  9. Haven't been so immersed in 4 hours of gameplay by any other game in recent memory. The world is 4x that of fallout 4 in the size but feels 10x more texturized. It's a world left for you to conquer and rebuild. Empty and awaiting. They've cleverly mixed the mmorpg aspect into a deeply intement single player game. Incredible BETA. Literally sitting with my controller in my hand trying to log in again and again. 10/10

  10. The game feels empty ….. I mean wth is the purpose of the game? I thought fallout is all about stories AND exploration …. in here i see the exploration but where are the stories?

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