Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

RDR 2 succeeds as both a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and a story in its own right, and though it can take some patience, your effort is well worth it.


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  1. I found a reverend building a new church-i assume-with his 2 sons, i approached the wooden frame they were building, it suddenly creaked and fell on me, instantly killing me. Cue the sky screen.
    I got chased by some rival gang members, killed them all, then out of the blue, sky screen and iam back in my camp!
    Right at the start after hunting those first deer, bring em back and skin em etc, i went off to find more, horse died then i did due to extreme weather, wen all was fine before.
    I like the game, just feels a bit clunky, iam not hooked like i was red dead 1.

  2. god this is the worst review I've ever seen, just bunch of spoilers, and it seems like she didn't want to review this game, don't watch this waste of time.

  3. Here we go again……you guys did the EXACT same thing for your Prey review! You got someone who clearly is not good at suspending belief or likes to have fun. Just like in your prey review you got someone who sounds like they couldn't care any less about the sheer MASSIVE amount of work that went into this title and all the fun that comes from the countless dynamic situations that make this game. This is literally a 10:30 video of someone complaining, and from the sounds of it, complaining about the fact that she was the one who had to do this review. Look at your like to dislike ratio Gamespot, time to wise up and reevaluate your review team. :/ I use to come here for passionate reviews and shows like the deep dives Danny O'Dwyer (sorry if I misspelled it) used to do, now I just get jaded people who have no business telling me how good the game is. Unsubscribed. Go watch the Easy Allies review. Goodbye.

  4. Привет доброй ночи на Диком Западе Red Dead Redemption 2 Спасибо Вам Rocstar за Тяжелейший огромный мир вестернах с режиссеровано так как за думалось вами, ( где-то на поминает многие фильмы в том числе "Омерзительная восьмёрка" ). Для нас всё это работалось если мы сами по верим мир дикого запада, получать удовольствие от игры.

  5. Game reviews should accurately assess the quality of game play mechanics and design along with technical elements like sound, graphics etc without giving any spoilers away, this video is completely doing the opposite. I don't even know what you think about the open world which is generally a critical part of open world games. It sounds like you wanted to give it a 7 and the reviews editor was like " No…. that's too low". Either way it's hard to tell based on the video why you gave it a 9 or any other score really. We all mail it in sometimes but this is one of the biggest releases of the year, it deserved a better effort than this.

  6. Spoiler-Ville! She spent more time telling the whole story of the game than reviewing it. Now that I know the whole game story why bother buying it. I'm surprised she scored it as high as she did. I'm sure when she reviews Battlefield V with robo-chic she'll give it a 10 and be more enthusiastic. Thanks beeotch

  7. Absolutely horrible review. There’s a reason I don’t watch game spots reviews and this is a prime example. I understand being critical with a game review, especially if that game came from juggernaut developers rockstar. But what I don’t understand is her sounding negative through the whole review then slapping a 9 on it because she probably isn’t allowed to give the final score. On top of her horrible negative attitude through the whole thing she pretty much spoiled the end of the game for people who may not have played the other red dead game. Like are you serious??? If you beat around the bush enough you might as well just have came out and spoiled the ending. You get a 3/10 for my review of your review. Good day.

  8. DO NOT WATCH, SPOILERS! This is the last GameSpot review I'll watch, there are WAY too many hints at spoilers here! You can review the game without giving away what happens, even in the beginning.

  9. someone gives a the game a 9 instead of a 10 DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE. lol its the same shit every time a highly anticipated game comes out

  10. What pisses me off is the fact that the two main missions she said she truly enjoyed had to do with progressive movements. Like I'm all for women's rights and the cultures of african american lives being impacted in the west, but damn there is many other missions to love in this game. I just love that it had to be those two specific things, pertaining to either women, or african americans.

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