Rogan – Apple is DIRTY

Joe Rogan Experience #1186 – Marques Brownlee.


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  1. I was speaking to a guy who worked for apple yesterday about this and he’s fucking deluded . He was trying to defend them smh the idiot had no idea what he was talking about .

  2. I have not liked apple for years and Steve Jobs for that matter but Google has made me want to get an iPhone. If you look up a place you have taken a photo on any android phone and click on the picture with a number in the corner you will see lots of people's photos they have taken and you have taken not with faces blurred out even without location on. This is because Google own all android photos. I feel this takes away privacy and apple don't allow this. In a ideal world I would get a iPhone XR but I can't

  3. Apple is in the same left wing corrupt style of business that the Clinton crime family is in. Are you really surprised? They also banned Alex Jones basically stepping all over the right to free speech. You may not like Jones, but he has as much right to free speech as the next person. It’s what make America great and other countries corrupt.

  4. pulse messenger for android works on apple, ms, linux. pay once for lifetime usage. i can text from my browser or application… you dont need apple ecosystem anymore

  5. Apple makes good products, but definitely has shady business practices. I think the biggest reason I dislike them though is the cult that they created around themselves

  6. Tim Cook 100% needs to be executed for working with China.
    Total treason next level right in the open.
    Yes this is about the headphone port, but he also betrayed America.
    Easiest treason case ever to prove.
    I see zero case scenarios where Tim Cook isn’t guilty of treason. He’ll be executed for his work with China’s social credit system.
    What could be more blatant treason?

  7. Apple admits to dirty/poor business practices and ethics by practically forcing you to buy new phones, but when someone says the Clinton Foundation is dirty…”What no! How? You’re racist.”

    A phone company is literally doing it how is it not possible for government to do the same. Wake up Mom!

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