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  1. I like Marques bu tit was really annoying hearing him continuously push that crappy Apple watch. Its an awful fitness tracker. Smart watches are dumb and that apple watch is a dainty little thing built for women. Wear a mans watch.

  2. To turn exercise into a game and keep you motivated, try an app called ZombiesRun! I’ve been using it for two years, and to get the next mission done I’ve made sure to exercise every day… All because of the app.

  3. All of these stupid trendy challenges and interpersonal competitions of the last few years are so dumb and ridiculous. ALS, tide pods, sober october, people dressing up as clowns and running about, etc. The general population in America seems to get dumber each passing year

  4. So you just crank up what you normally did everyday….and feel like your beating people? Why? Isn't is supposed to be about being sober and not a competition? Joe the ego conquer….not even funny anymore….so far from funny u do t even realize it

  5. “Seeing a number really helps” “external motivating factor” oh please what helps is injecting a milk jug of testosterone into your butthole every morning

  6. I like Bert but what he is doing is very ignorant towards his wife and kids. His lifestyle will most likely prevent him from seeing his children grow.

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