Cryptonews: pantera capital bull rally + sale of bitcoin crypto news – Joey Krug

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Cryptonews: pantera capital bull rally + sale of bitcoin crypto news – Joey Krug with cryptocurrency btc news today

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HODLERS, do you still expect bull rally at the end of the year? And is there any chance for bitcoin price to grow? Write your observations in the comments.

Joey Krug from Pantera Capital predicts that crypto market cap will grow to $2 trillion because of the entry of major institutional players – Fidelity Ventures and Intercontinental Trade. By the way, such blockchain startups as Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple , and Zcash appeared owing to the investments of Pantera Capital. In these cases the investing in cryptocurrency has been extremely successful.

A bitcoin trader Nick Tomaino is more down-to-Earth in his predictions; he believes that total cryptocurrency market cap will reach $1 trillion.

At the same time U.S. Marshals are throwing an auction with a sale of Bitcoins – deposit a modest sum of $200,000, and you’re in.

The Indian authorities have forbidden banks to deal with crypto-businesses, and that’s why an exchange startup Unocoin is going to spread ATMs so that to receive fiat deposits from the customers. So, buying and selling BTC is not the only thing connected with blockchain technology .

The scammers will be punished! The deceived investors united to punish Bitconnect.

Soon the first smartphone on blockchain will appear, and that’s not Samsung or iPhone, but HTC. And if you want to conduct a trustworthy ICO, then do it in Europe. European crypto startups collect almost two times more than in the United States and Asia.

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