Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Here’s our full review of Rockstar’s latest game, Red Dead Redemption 2, is it good? Is it big? And is it Rockstar’s best? Subscribe to GR+ here: …


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  1. masterpiece and this game should be two words that are nowhere near each other … clunky controls … freeking terrible character models … terrible gun play … terrible hand to hand … slow as hell story … the game might be 60 hours but 20 hours of that is probably following some douche around on a horse … this game is not even remotely what you could call a masterpiece … and I am a red dead fan … but this game is … just kinda bad … compare this game to the other AA sony titles this year and this does not even come close … you just goto be honest and call out a bad game when it's bad … even if you're a fan of the series

  2. Nearly 90 gigs? Why?

    God of war looks way better than this and it was a pretty big game as well.

    Not that in depth of a review for giving it 5 stars. I just bought it for the xbox but I dont really expect to be super wowed, I just hope it's fun and not just a bunch of fetch quest for fillers.

  3. I fucking love this game. I've never found an open world game where I don't get bored. The amount of detail in this game and things to do makes me want to take my time. On top of that, there's online to look forward to. Really worth the price of admission and certainly worth the 8-year wait. Can not recommend this game more. For me this is GOTY

  4. Bought it finished it in 2 hours and got my money back after 4 hrs on the phone with there customer service. Worst game ever made. Rockstar is over.

  5. Im watching this review because of what was said, the first part is so slow its kind of annoying. Havent had time to clear chapter 1 but i hope when i do ill give it 5 star ratings as well…

  6. Is the combat in this game difficult? One of the things that pissed me off in GTA 5 was how police officers brought your health down to 2 percent in like 2-3 pistol shots.

  7. mean Clunky Controll simulator will be out soon buy it for 69:99 and get dlc pack Clunky Controller theme and Story Misson Controlls sucks Delivery

    and did someone say Horse Simulator 2018 ohhh i see man 79:99 here take my money no wait get more story mission 89:99 nah get extra online stuff 104:00 here fk me worse game 2018 i thought i would hate cod since no story but man

  8. When I see and play games like this I think wow we're living in it spectacular time right now. Also when I look at a game like this I start thinking man if rdr2 is like this. Can you just imagine what cyberpunk going to be like. Thank you Rockstar for all the hard work and diligence you put into making games like this in GTA V because you give me plenty of game to sink so many wonderful hours in… In lieu of waiting for cyberpunk LOL

  9. Pretty biased review. The visuals look good but to say that it's the best ever is a huge stretch. Lots of people like to see artistic creativity instead of photo realism, and the animations look actually look pretty bad and forced.
    Lets see if the gameplay is as good as they say it is because lots of people don't like the GTA style missions rockstar usually does.

  10. How can you say its the best looking game ever, yet the game is only on consoles? It just seems it could be significantly better and you may be right if the game was on PC.

  11. I'm not surprised it's a good game !
    They took years making this game ! I don't have time playing games anymore and I'm not inpressed with most of the games
    That are out these days But I must say Red Dead Redemption 2 looks very impressive !!

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