Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus’s Michael Abrash on Why Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing – FULL

After the founder and C.E.O. of Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus’s virtual-reality technology, Zuckerberg and the chief scientist of Oculus VR discuss the next …


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About the Author: Vanity Fair


  1. I have to say, hearing Mark speak about something on a technical level, going more in depth, makes him seem at least 27% more human than normal.

  2. If you have no moral compass then what you are doing may be very harmful to humanity does that not bother you ??? Ask yourselves why have real babies ?? when you could have a fake one !!!!!!! Which is more important to the planet.

  3. Well, before you attempt to figure out heptics and acceleration, I think the next step will be to figure out better resolution! Today's VR experience is 'fuzzy' at best… Low resolution is the single most limiting factor in VR content (and hardware) today. It's the one element that prevents me from feeling that 'this is real'. At least in a sustained fashion. Up the resolution, let me see details as I do in reality, then we're on to something. 🙂

  4. I love successful people but I cant stand Zuckerberg. I also think the way he dresses is very disrespectful. He also looks like he smells really bad. I hope he sees this.

  5. So I'm gonna strap a big headset to my face to go on facebook? Lol, I'm happy with my oculus but the idea that it's the next platform or even compatible with social media is idiotic, Jewberg is gonna lose his money fast.

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